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About Aviso Consulting

To date, 84% of West African inhabitants are excluded from the banking system (12/2017 – BCEAO). We believe that everyone has the right to have access to financial services adapted to their means and their life context, without compromising on quality.
This is why since 2011, Aviso Consulting has been investing in the development of financial inclusion and access to financial services for all, by providing its expertise to innovative players, particularly in mobile financial services ( Mobile Money).

Mobile Money, for example, allows low-income populations to access an alternative to traditional financial services with only a telephone number and an identity document as supporting documents.

Growing strongly over the last ten years, we have seen that Mobile Money has proven to be much more than access to a simple account. The ability to store money digitally allows users to feel more secure and empowered. Bringing new opportunities for income and economic activities, it is recognized as an accelerator for achieving the eleven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Based in Senegal, we are at the heart of the market and in direct contact with the concerns and expectations of customers on the African continent. With more than 330 million accounts opened in Sub-Saharan Africa at the end of 2017 (GSMA), the popularity of Mobile Money is growing and we wish to continue our efforts with telecom operators, banks, NGOs and Fintechs in order to help them to build new strategies capable of contributing more widely to development efforts.

Our expertise

At Aviso Consulting, we have developed extensive expertise in the design, deployment and optimization of mobile financial services, allowing our clients to secure their launch projects and accelerate their time to market.

Each market has its specificity and we strive to share our experiences and adapt our interventions to the context of the geographies in which we operate.

Coming from the world of Banking and Telecoms, Benjamin Deransart and Sonia Annoussamy, partners of the firm, bring their clients the complementarity of their expertise. Building on this approach, Aviso Consulting has developed a network of experts with operational experience with major players in Mobile Money and financial services in Africa. Building on this approach, Aviso Consulting has developed a network of experts with operational experience with major players in Mobile Money and financial services in Africa.

Our added value


Launch of 6 electronic money establishments in UEMOA, DRC and Guinea Conakry

360° Vision: TELCO Customers, Financial Sector, Distributors, NGOs

100% Value chain: Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Risk Management, Compliance, Technology and Distribution

Actor in the MFX Partners network (Digital Finance Experts)


90% of our experts are located in West Africa

Perfect knowledge of the players and dynamics of local markets

Experience with implementation/deployment/commercial launch projects in Africa

Geographical proximity = Availability and Responsiveness


80% North/South profiles

Banking/Telco course

>10 years of individual experience

Fluency in local languages, French and English

Cultural proximity = Effective Change Management


Experiences of UEMOA, CEMAC, Guinea Conakry, DRC, etc.

Experience in industrialization of country deployments

Projection capacity of teams based in West Africa

Ability to mobilize MFS experts in East Africa (MFX Partners)

Our Activity

Ecosystem discovery

Understand the Digital Finance ecosystem to identify growth opportunities.

Design of the MFS activity

Design the service and the target activity, based on market needs, field realities, the maturity of the ecosystem, regulatory requirements, technical and organizational needs. Define the revenue model and the Bcase of the activity.

Partners sourcing

Identify the types of partnerships to be put in place, the potential actors, assess their technical, organizational and financial capacity. Analyze revenue models to identify negotiation levers.

Commercial Launch

Build offers and the distribution network, set up partnerships, formalize processes and operations, deploy the technical solution, build the compliance and risk management system, design communication materials, test the solution, manage the Implementation.


Benchmark the activity based on KPIs and industry best practices, identify growth opportunities, size the solutions to be implemented, build the upgrade roadmap.

Our Experts

Sonia Annoussamy

MFS Organization, Approvals
Central Banks, Implementation

Benjamin Deransart

Confirmed MFS Expert, Management
risks, AML KYC,

Laurent Duprey
Expert MFS

Partnerships, Distribution,

Roland Rakotondrabe
Expert MFS IT

Integration, Deployment, Migration, Production

Yannick Bigot
Expert MFS

MFS commercial launch,
Distribution, Due diligence,

Damien Caizergues
Expert MFS

MFS Consultant

Our clients

Case Studies

Three illustrations of what we are capable of doing.

Design and launch a mobile payment activity for a telecom operator in North Africa

Become an Electronic Money issuer in Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea and the DRC

Understanding the Mobile Money ecosystem: tailor-made training from a UN agency

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